Looking for Marilyn Monroe in Andy Warhol’s Prints by Satish Reginald

satish post 1 pic
In all of these prints
lay a distinct color pallet,
each invoking a separate emotion.
Each piece of art, a different girl.

In one, I see the hourglass shaped pin-up model.
In another, I see the baseball star’s wife.
I see the actress typecast as a dumb blonde.
And I see the sex symbol amidst controversy.

I also see the critically acclaimed performer.
I see the marketing genius heading her own production company.
I see the woman undoubtedly among the most significant Americans ever.
And I see the troubled addict who tragically took her own life.

But Marilyn Monroe was not a composite of the aforementioned girls.
Rather she was one, real breathing person.
She did not live in a pop-art world.
She cannot be found in color palettes.

And no matter how hard I stare into those prints,
I will never know her,
for her heart and her soul,
any better than I know a Campbell’s soup can.
satish post 1 pic 2


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