Subway Luck by Tejas A. Sawant

Swipe again at this turnstile. Swipe…swipe…swipe! Not this time though. The train is right in front of you. The only thing in between are those turnstiles. Those metallic obstacles that have often stood between you and the train, rather between you and your destination. This time they don’t come in between; you swipe and get through in one go. Even before you know you’re already on the train. Uptown or Downtown? Uptown or Downtown?? This one word answer is going to decide how the rest of your evening is going to be. … More Subway Luck by Tejas A. Sawant


movement by Lauren Tavares

We’re all a little lost. We’re neither here nor there, darting from place to place, life to life. It’s a crossroads. It’s a place to hide out. A pit stop of sorts. Everyone has somewhere they should be and it’s not in this room. We come here with the intention to leave as soon as we can.

I can’t figure out this feeling but I know that I’m out of place. The people rush about, bumping into my shoulders in their hurry and sending me stumbling forward into the person in front of me. Standing here, in the middle of the terminal, I’m simply an object, an obstacle put in people’s way to prevent them from being where they need to be when they need to be there and that time is now.

It’s always now. … More movement by Lauren Tavares

Whisper Walls by Christina Marini

I was fascinated by the whispering walls at Grand Central. I stood at one end of the wall and a friend stood at the other. At first, I did not think I would be able to hear her considering all the noise that accompanies Grand Central Station. To my surprise, I heard her clearly and spoke back. I was amazed that we could hear each other even though we were five hundred feet apart! I relate this experience very much to God. … More Whisper Walls by Christina Marini

Look Up by Courtney Dodge

Everyone is shuffling. Some are catching a train, hoping to flee from the intimidating skyscrapers when they’re not looking. Others are rushing towards the subway, immersing themselves deeper into the concrete jungle. Some are here simply for the appeal. Replacing their eyes with the lens of the camera, it captures each and every moment. Sure the moment is captured for all of those passing by, but the real question is if the moment is fully lived? Is each moment passing through this spectacle appreciated to its full extent? On behalf of all those passing by, I would have to answer no. … More Look Up by Courtney Dodge