Another Summer by Satish Reginald

Breath in the summer air.
Sunlight dancing off your hair.
Your skin under the moonlight,
I held you tight,
another summer.
The week of the heat warning,
night-swimming till the morning.
The water rippled so I couldn’t see,
how tight we pressed our bodies.
Another summer,
under water,
I think I felt your heart beat.
It pulsing right against me.

Pointing out the satellites,
mixed in the stars at night.
Those stars in the sky stayed the same
it was us that changed,
since another summer.
Now I can’t live inside a moment,
that I’ll never get back.
You can keep the past
but the photographs,
those are mine.
Though I don’t quite know just
where to keep them.
Cause seeing your face hurts
but not as much,
as seeing nothing at all.pic for summer freewrite


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