precipice by Lauren Tavares

god, i feel so small.

i’d look up, but i’d get dizzy, and i’d look out across the water but

the air feels thinner here and i can’t really breathe too well but i think it’s more about who i am than where i am. it’s uneasy, being so far up, and there’s a part of me, that scary and far too fearless part of me, who sees the bridge’s steel cables and thinks, hey, this looks like fun. she wants to climb up on these beams and tiptoe over the cars speeding below, dangle herself out on a limb until the world throws her off and she falls




but she is invincible and i am not, and i must reign her in. i drift back into the center, and i reach my arms out around me as i tilt my head back and let the sunlight drip down my skin, bathing my cheekbones in its warmth, sending a sliver of gold down my spine.

for a moment, i am flying.

and that beautiful and terrifying godlike girl inside me is satisfied, but she will not rest. she needs more, she wants more, and she will get more. i will fly again.

infinity surrounds us, waiting to break my fall.


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