Things Will Never Be The Same by Supriya Kumble

When you walk through areas
You wander by everyday
With music blasting in your ears
And a tangled ball of thoughts
Waiting patiently in your head,
Waiting to be unravelled,
You forget to see.
You forget to look.
You only spare glances as
You keep your gaze to
Pristine white shoes
On dirty pavements.
You forget that the city is your home,
Your safe haven.
Accustomed to the fact that
Things will never change
And the deli you always stop at
Will remain there forever.
Look up.
Discover every detail,
Every crevice,
Every ally you dismiss walking into
Because your mind is clouded
With clear skies above you.
Drink in the intersecting streets,
Absurdly shaped buildings,
The mural you always pass by
But never notice.
Walk with no sense of direction,
Let the wind take you by the hand,
Learn the city once again.supriya things will never be the same


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