Whisper Walls by Christina Marini

I was fascinated by the whispering walls at Grand Central. I stood at one end of the wall and a friend stood at the other. At first, I did not think I would be able to hear her considering all the noise that accompanies Grand Central Station. To my surprise, I heard her clearly and spoke back. I was amazed that we could hear each other even though we were five hundred feet apart! I relate this experience very much to God. … More Whisper Walls by Christina Marini


Golden Glory by Christina Marini

At the Frick Museum, I particularly enjoyed the religious pieces. The one that caught my attention was the crucifixion of Jesus, especially since I went during the liturgical season of Lent and approaching Easter. The golden colors brought the picture to life. Jesus was the center of this image and this demonstrated the importance and priority that He should take in the lives of those who believe. … More Golden Glory by Christina Marini

I Believe In Love by Christina Marini

St. Therese of Lisieux was quiet with burning love for Jesus Christ. After reading “I Believe in Love” by Fr. Jean C. J. d Elbée I learned what it means to love. St. Therese had the love of Jesus burning in her heart and wanted others to feel the same way.

What exactly is this love that Christ longs for us as Catholics to share? Love is complex and has many layers. I will only have privilege to discuss a few from this beautiful book. … More I Believe In Love by Christina Marini

Living in New York and Always Dreaming by Christina Marini

Have you ever dreamed of becoming something so far away from reality that you didn’t even want to tell anyone what this dream was? Haven’t you dreamed of being a millionaire, celebrity or professional athlete? I think we all have dreamed many times in our lives. Dreams are like mountains they are high up in altitude and always seem so beautiful from a distance. But if we think of dreams in terms of reality and see them up close they may look sharp or pointy and we may back away in fear. … More Living in New York and Always Dreaming by Christina Marini

Young by Christina Marini

Inspired by Sarah Kay

It feels like just yesterday grandpa and I were sitting on the porch of my suburban home. Just yesterday when he taught me how to ride a bike. Just yesterday when I learned to fly a kite or throw a softball. Just yesterday when I learned how to tie a shoe and play tag. As I look in old photo books and prepare for my wedding, I wonder where the years went. … More Young by Christina Marini