Look Up by Courtney Dodge

Everyone is shuffling. Some are catching a train, hoping to flee from the intimidating skyscrapers when they’re not looking. Others are rushing towards the subway, immersing themselves deeper into the concrete jungle. Some are here simply for the appeal. Replacing their eyes with the lens of the camera, it captures each and every moment. Sure the moment is captured for all of those passing by, but the real question is if the moment is fully lived? Is each moment passing through this spectacle appreciated to its full extent? On behalf of all those passing by, I would have to answer no. … More Look Up by Courtney Dodge

Portrait of a Park by Courtney Dodge

A massive carpet of green amidst skyscrapers of grey. Throw in a few shades of clear blue too. And a few dots of grey. Grass, water, fountains, bridges, trees. Ordinary elements that unite to form the extraordinary. Central Park. I wonder who thought to build a grandiose city around a field of green. So many wonders yet so little time to explore. It’s like exploring through the woods in a fairytale. Or a book where the reader has the excitement of choosing the ending. Each turn and bend in the path alters where the road will take you. Choose wisely, for the park holds a mystery. … More Portrait of a Park by Courtney Dodge

I dare you by Courtney Dodge

I dare you to open the door and take your first step outside,
allowing all your expectations to hide.
Let go of your need to be in control.
And simply take part in a leisurely stroll.

I dare you to inhale each breath as though it’s your last,
and take one step forward instead of living in the past.
Inhale the sights and sounds like it’s your last breath of air,
And learn to live without having a care. … More I dare you by Courtney Dodge