Modern Deity by Meghan Bennett

The foil began at the edges of your eyes.

I don’t know how it got there, or where it came from, if it’s organic or inorganic or even explainable by science but there it is, this gold crinkly stuff, stuck to the outsides of your eyes and slowly spreading down your cheeks, like golden tears, like a rash. Our classmates think it’s a fashion statement, a Nylon editorial imitation, but I follow you into the bathroom and watch you try to pick it off and you can’t, it’s like skin. … More Modern Deity by Meghan Bennett

Erasure by Meghan Bennett

I’ve been writing all over my hands lately. To do lists and doodles and lines of poems. The marks fade, and I add a new layer, then another, and another, until my hands are grey and my fingers cold and I’ve a Bic tattoo sleeve half up my arm.

Sometimes my hands are so covered I cannot read them. I wash my hands and scrub till the skin is red and shiny. I am speeding up the process of erasing you. … More Erasure by Meghan Bennett